Dushera and Gandhi Jayanti Theme competition

Gandhi Jayanti and Dushera Theme  Compitition 

Group                    Classes                           Competition   


Group I       -      Class 1st  to 3rd                   Craft on Paper

Group II       -      Class 4th  to 5th                  Craft on Things

Group III      -      Class 6th  to 8th                  Sketch or Poster

Group IV      -      Class 9th  to 12th                Sketch or Poster


Note:  1). Students bring their own material for competition.

           2). For  each competition there should atleast 5 students.

           3). For  all events only one hour is  to be alloted .

            4). A2 size  Sheet is to be use in drawing competion.

all students whom want to be a part of competition please give their name by 30 sept 2019.



Bal Vishwa Bharti Public Sr. Sec. School 

Bani park Jaipur.